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FAQ's (frequently answered questions)

To offer all students the most positive and beneficial yoga experience, please take a few minutes to review the Center’s etiquette guidelines Choose a class that is appropriate for you. Please take a look at "Our Classes" for descriptions to you as you make your selection.  

A teacher will be happy to assist you in this. Taking a class that is not suitable for you will not only affect you, but will also affect the others in the class.

Eating before Class:
PLEASE DO NOT eat for two or three hours before your class.

Yoga practice requires an empty belly. Your energy in class should be focused on your practice, if your body is busy digesting food, only part of your energy is contributing to your practice. And if the teacher decides to include Nauli, or a lot of forward folding, it won't feel very good having food in your belly ; - )

Before Class Preparations:
Bring your own mat.

Arrive free of perfumes and colognes. Some students are very sensitive to smells please refrain from heavy scents.

Wear comfortable loose fitting clothes. If you are coming to a class which offers inversion poses (where you are upside down) make sure your top is fitted enough that you can go upside without feeling self-conscious that your shirt will be falling over your head.

Arriving and leaving class:
Arrive 10 - 15 minutes early.

This will allow you to change, use the bathroom and settle in to the practice space before class begins. Giving yourself just a few minutes on your mat before practice can allow you to be more present for your practice. 

The doors to the studio will be locked promptly at the start of class.

Schedule your time so you do not need to rush to yoga.

If at all possible, PLEASE DO NOT leave early; it’s disruptive to others.

If you absolutely must leave early and you know before hand inform the teacher and choose a spot close to the door so you will not disrupt others from their practice.
Allow yourself to enter into a sacred and peaceful space for your practice. Create an intention for your practice - to become more aware, more compassionate, healthier and happier.

Thank you for taking the time to read and honor these guidelines. 
By honoring the spirit of the practice, we will allow each other a more meaningful experience of yoga.


northville yoga center
northville yoga center

133 W Main Street, Suite 261, Northville, MI 48167 | 248.449.YOGA