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northville yoga center

northville yoga center
Interpreting Class Levels

Class levels are meant to serve as guidelines to assist you in choosing a yoga class that's right for you. Regardless of the class level, participants are encouraged to practice at their own pace and to respect their personal edge.

Yoga is an individual, non-competitive practice. People with varying levels of fitness and flexibility frequently participate in the same yoga class. Modifications may be offered and are encouraged as one explores her or his practice.

LEVEL 1 - Basic class presumes a basic knowledge of yoga postures and principles. Beginners may attend and modify to their own needs with facilitator's guidance.

LEVEL 1-2 - Intermediate Level class – modifications may be offered or may be taken by those who choose them.

LEVEL 2-3 - Advanced class – minimal instruction, faster paced

• Please see the current class schedule for corresponding classes and levels.

• Private lessons are available by arrangement to anyone who may prefer to learn the basics before entering a group class or desires to deepen his or her practice.

Classes are subject to substitution.
Yoga Guidelines

It is recommended that a student refrain from eating heavy meals two hours prior to practice.

Please wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing.

Please refrain from wearing perfumes and/or scents, including lotions.

Please be sure at time of registration to advise us of any physical limitations, injuries, etc., which may otherwise impact your practice.

Please arrive approximately ten minutes prior to class so that class may begin promptly.

Yoga mats are available for use, though bringing your own is encouraged and recommended.

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