Intro to Ayurveda Workshop

Do you?

  • Have a Yoga practice and would like to deepen and expand your experience/ teachings and understand how Yoga is ultimately is a science of expanding consciousness?
  • Have health concerns (physical symptoms, emotional/mental) that you would like to get answers to and heal?
  • feel overwhelmed with so much information on health that you don’t know where and how to start?
  • Feel out of sorts even though you are doing all the “healthy” things in your life?

Ayurveda has the answers!

If you answered “Yes” to any of the questions above, then this workshop is for you! Here is some of what we may cover

  • Your unique constitution and Imbalance
  • Daily routines for a life of ease, joy and vitality.
  • The four pillars of health and what it means for you
  • Development of consciousness and its role in health and healing

Wed. November 30th, 7-9pm

Northville Yoga Center

 Cost  $25

Presented by:

Meena Puri, E-RYT500, R.A.P., C.M.T. For more information visit, For reservations please send an e-mail to

More Information

Mom and Me Yoga – May 15!

Celebrate being a mom with your favorite little yogi. This practice will explore yoga poses in a fun and dynamic way- keeping young bodies moving and engaged. Individual poses and partner work will strengthen family bonds and foster a love of togetherness.

Kids of all ages are welcome, but class is best suited for school age children. No previous yoga experience is needed. Please dress comfortably and for movement. A mat for everyone is recommended.

$18 per pair/ $5 for extra kids.
Pre-registration is required.
Register at
Space is limited.


Introduction to Pilates Series

Starting Saturdays in April, Diane Mancinelli will teach a five-week Introduction to Pilates series from 9:10 – 10:10 am.

Pilates is a body conditioning program with the primary purpose of strengthening the core of the body. In this introductory series of five classes, students will learn Pilates breathing, the fundamentals of alignment, and exercises that will be added in successive sessions. Students will practice awakening and engaging muscle groups for strength, particularly in the abdomen.   When practiced regularly over time, students will enjoy benefits that include improved postural alignment; balance; coordination; and ease and efficiency of everyday functional movement.

Attendance is $14 for a single class an unlimited with a studio package. Please bring a yoga mat and bath towel.


Free Introductory Meeting on the Transcendental Meditation Technique

Free Introductory Meeting on the ​​Transcendental Meditation technique​
Wednesday, March 9,​ at​ 7:00 pm​, at the Northville Yoga Center​

​This meeting is the first step in learning ​the ​TM​ technique​. We cover all of the prerequisites for starting the course at this time:
* ​​What TM is, and what the benefits are
* Discuss how TM works
* Describe some of the scientific research that has been done on TM
* Explain how it differs from other techniques
* Explain the tradition of knowledge that TM comes from
* Describe ​h​ow TM is taught​, and the four-day course (1.5 hours each day)​

There’ll also be plenty of time for questions and answers. And you’ll be able to sign up for a course at the end of the meeting.

​The talk on TM will be​ given by Thomas Frank, a Certified Teacher of the ​Transcendental Meditation​ ​technique in Ann Arbor, MI. Thomas has been a teacher of TM for 35 years and he spent 11 years doing TM meditation and also yoga in the Himalayan Mountains of India (in Uttar Kashi​ and​ Rishikesh).​ He has been practicing TM for 40 years.

You can contact Thomas Frank at ​734-972-2592​, or at​

Introduction to Qigong

Introduction to Qigong:
Offered Tuesday, February 9 and 16, 10:30-noon

Qigong is the art of learning energy placement through meditative, mindful, focussed movement. Five element theory, sacred geometry, energy meridians and quantum theory are utilized. It is very helpful in rebalancing the mind, emotions, body and spirit for improved health and well-being. The practice in class carries over to the practice outside of class in that everything is energy. Qi is the universal life force all around us and when we are able to feel it our own life is experienced in another way and it becomes a way of life. Wear loose clothing, bring an open mind and learn this 3000 year old ancient art. The best way to understand qigong is to experience it.

Please call Annette Mullett 734-658-5755 to reserve your spot.
Please arrive 10 -15 minutes early in that class will start promptly at 10:30.
Cost for these 2 classes is by donation.
Future times and classes to be determined by class needs.
It is recommended that you try and attend both sessions in that they will build on each other.